We are Christian & Miranda, we are  Pan & Paz, a small artisan bakery that bakes bread and pastries according to French tradition.


The French recipes and work methods are brought here and taught to our team of Nicaraguan bakers by Christian, our master baker, who was born and raised in a bakery in France and learned all the professional secrets from his father.


Before settling down in León, Nicaragua, Christian traveled the world and baked bread in many different countries, so he learned to adjust his work to local circumstances like ingredients, climate etc. 


Over the years  a lot has changed at Pan & Paz, but our values are still the same. Besides making great bread and pastries and providing fast and friendly service to our guests we believe in:


We always look for the best, locally produced, fresh ingredients and we don’t add chemical additives, like preservatives, artificial flavours or coloring to our bread.


We hire local people and we teach them… how to make French bread or pastries, all about European cheeses, about wine and lots more. And we learn from our employees about Nicaraguan habits, food and culture. We also receive guests from every corner of the world, so at Pan & Paz there’s a constant cultural interchange on every level.


We feel privileged to live in and work in León, Nicaragua, and to be part of this community and that means for us helping social projects and cultural events trough sponsoring, share our bread with the elderly home, churches, zoo, etc. Some call it “corporate social responsibility”, we call it “Being part of the Community”.

A lot of our customers ask us why we chose the name 'Pan & Paz' for the bakery.

The answer is simple: we just think this world would be a better place if everyone had these two important and basic things every day of their life: Bread & Peace, Pan & Paz!


Destiny brought us together in 2008 in Granada, Nicaragua. Christian had lived for almost 10 years in Costa Rica and was looking for a change. Miranda had left her job (as software and business consultant) and her house in the Netherlands to travel and see what would come on her path.


In Granada the spark between us ignited, and when we shortly after visited León together we fell in love with this cultural and historically rich city.


Little did we know that about one and a half year later we would open our own bakery here.

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